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Preparation for my Son/Daughter's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Meeting

Added on by Sheiveh Jones.

Written by Todd Jones, PsyD, Licensed Educational Psychologist

Please consider sending members of the IEP Team a list of times you are available for an IEP Team Meeting. Give them windows of time/dates that work with your schedule considering existing work and family commitments. 

Provide team a list or agenda of action items that are topics of discussion for review and consideration that you have personally penned with a recommended team delivery time of 5-10 calendar days prior to the agreed upon IEP Meeting date.

Advise team that you are planning on recording the meeting. Please kindly give 48 hours notice in writing of your plan to record meeting and also to enable local  educational agency (LEA)/school district to also prepare themselves and also record the meeting. 

Request advance copies of IEP documents including draft goals/objectives alongside specialist reports (if any apply) at least one calendar week prior to the IEP meeting. It may or may not be possible to have the request honored. By acquiring these documents and reading them at home before the day of the meeting, better use of time can be realized by covering other IEP action items and not just reading the contents of various reports. 

Please provide IEP Team in advance of the meeting, recommended timeframe of 5-10 days prior to the IEP meeting, any copies of outside specialist reports that will help LEA with educational planning.

After IEP meeting, please follow up with team members on any action items promised by either you, the parent/grandparent/guardian, or the individual members of the IEP team or itinerant service providers.