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Monitoring Progress Of My Child On An Active Individualized Education Plan

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Written by Todd Jones, PsyD, Licensed Educational Psychologist

Establishing Positive and Reciprocal two-way communication with your son or daughter's general education or special education teacher is essential to maintaining a relationship built upon trust and a mutual expectation that my child ultimately succeed and derive an educational benefit from her or his educational program. 

Upon establishing this positive parent-teacher relationship, dialogue can be opened up and maintained. Please consider setting up a weekly email communications log to review outstanding homework assignments, book reports, projects, and progress towards IEP goals and objectives skill strands. When communicating with your daughter or son's teacher, please utilize neutral, positive, unbiased, and vocabulary free from judgment or assumption.

Remember, as parents of special needs children, we walk a journey that no one else has walked. Until someone has walked, in our shoes during that journey, that will not know what we have truly endured. Likewise, we can not appreciate the journey fully that the teacher has traveled as it would probably humble and impress us at the same time. Remember, mutual positive regard for on another is key.