Special Education Advocate Covering the State of California


I am writing to enthusiastically recommend the educational consulting services of Dr. Todd Jones.  I contacted Todd in July of 2012 after seeing an advertisement in the local paper.  We have 6 children, 2 of whom have IEPs.  One of our sons was really struggling in school, and as his parent, I was a little overwhelmed by the landscape of the IEP and felt ill equipped to advocate for him.  I felt I needed more information regarding what exactly his learning issues were.  We asked Dr. Jones to perform a psychoeducational report. 


Dr. Jones came to our home on several occasions, spending time with us to hear exactly what our concerns were.  He then spent windows of time, based on what our son could handle, to perform testing and evaluation.  Our son never felt like he was being “tested,” he enjoyed hanging out and talking to Dr. Jones!  When it was all completed, Dr. Jones gave us a very comprehensive product that I then took to the school district as an aid and support for structuring his services within his IEP.


Dr. Jones has also made himself available to me whenever I have had questions about my son’s education.  I have always found him to be very knowledgeable, professional, and great with kids.  I have recommended him to my friends with children who have IEPs and will continue to do so without reservation.  It proved very helpful and the district school psychologist commented that it was one of the best, most thorough reports he had ever seen.